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Title :Etaine_black  goddess (2004)

Software : 3dsmax6.0   v-ray

Client : SONOV  


This is a promotional 3D illust for an online game called “Shaiya”, which is based on the war between the “Alliance of Light” and the “ Union of Fury” over the sacred land of the Goddess Etaine.

Image code of this goddess(black) is “destruction and provocation”

Almost 100% of character and ornaments were created by polygon.

Because I don't like using plug-ins and also good at it in those days.

There's no special tip working this image except using edit ploy and uvw unwrap and v-ray.

여신 Etaine(에테인)의 성지를 놓고 빛의 동맹과 분노의 연합이 벌이는 격전을 그린

롤플레이형 3차원 온라인게임 shaiya(샤이야)의 홍보용 3d일러스트입니다.

이 (black)여신의 이미지코드는 "파괴와 도발" 입니다.

*이미지의 저작권은 소노브이에 있습니다

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