Ccoraba (꼬라바)

2009.02.25 22:57 from 97bzo/3D of 97bzo

Title :Ccoraba family (2000)
Software : 3dsmax   photoshop

These characters are the monsters that I made a year after starting CG.
What is monster to CG artist, I became familiar with monsters ever since I started CG.
For this piece, a lot of people told me that “It suits you just right.”

Since I thought of the need to separate project works from personal works in 97bzo gallery,
I suddenly had the urge to search my old works.
When I saw my old works again, my heart was full of deep emotion.
I’ve already searched a whole computer looking for images,
So I decided to post even the most trivial pieces while I was at it.
They could be perhaps not very serious.
However, I thought not to be ashamed of it, because I had put in an earnest effort to works.

At this time after the lapse of many years ,
it may be impossible I could turn back to the first mind that I had when I made a “ccoraba “
However at least I want to live remembering how I felt at the beginning.

이 캐릭터들은 제가 본격적으로 cg계에 발을 담그고 1년쯤 지난 후 만들어본 몬스터들입니다.
도대체 cg인와 몬스터와는 어떤 상관관계가 있는 것인지,
cg를 하면서부터 몬스터와의 친숙도가 급상승했던 것 같아요.
"너답다" 라는 말을 많이 듣게 했던 작업입니다 ^^;

오래된 작업들을 들추어 반가운 캐릭터들을 다시 꺼내보니
만드는 동안에 혼자 재밌어서 킥킥 거리던 생각이 났고
옆에서 지켜보며 "이름들이 다 왜 고따구냐"며 어이없어하던^^; 동료들 생각도 나고...
기분이 새롭네요.
최근의 작업들에 비하면 형편없고 우스워도 작업에 임했던 마음은 지금과 비할바가 아니었어요.

많은 시간이 흘러버린 지금, 그 시절의 초심으로 돌아간다는 것은 불가능한것이겠죠.
하지만 적어도  예전에 품었던 마음을 잊지는 않고 살아갔으면 좋겠어요.